Winter Favorites & Must-Haves: 5 Products You MUST Try This Winter/Spring 2018

winter favorites

Winter, Early 2018

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I took a vacation to Cape Verde with my fiance and his family earlier this year. Beaches, saltwater, sun…

And my skin and hair respond best to this kind of climate. No leave-ins needed, some days I’d skip lotioning altogether…wash-and-go type of deal.

But as soon as I came back to the cold of Maryland? Hair like straw, scaly skin, chapped lips.

My, how the mighty have fallen.

None of the products I had been using for months worked anymore. It was like slapping a Band-Aid onto a gash in your artery…

…ok, that was kinda dark, but you get what I mean.

My skin and hair needed rehabilitation…fast.

And these products helped me achieve it.

Pacifica Beauty Coconut Pro Strong & Long Creamy Oil Mask

winter favorites

You may have read my other blog post about my 5 favorite vegan hair care products. If you haven’t, definitely go check that out now. Some of the products I’m not using at the moment, but they are still amazing products that I highly recommend.

One of those products is the Coconut Super Power Deep Conditioning Damage Control Mask, which I’ve replaced with this product.

And I am totally in love. The Strong & Long Oil Mask is incredibly thick and creamy, and really makes it easy to comb through my once-dry-and-tangled hair.

I don’t even have to use a comb; I just use my fingers. Keeps hair loss and breakage to a minimum while nourishing my hair with quinoa & rice proteins.

Hairvana Leave-On Detangling Conditioner

winter favorites

The packaging says “yoga for your hair”… and that it is, my friend. That it is.


When my hair is dry, it tangles. So it doesn’t matter how well I detangle it if just dries out and wraps around itself again.

Which then makes it near IMPOSSIBLE to style after a few days. Ugh.

This stuff makes my hair soft, smooth, and easy to manage. And keeps it that way. With minimal to no build-up and very little weight.


Evian Facial Spray

winter favorites

Mmkay, at first glance, this is just mineral water in a pressurized can. And yes, that’s exactly what it is. But I’m gonna tell you why you need it.

I got into micellar water a few years ago after seeing Michelle Phan use EAU FRAÎCHE DOUCEUR water cleanser.

If you don’t already know, micellar water is “micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water”. You put some on a cotton ball or pad, swipe over your face, and remove all the dirt and makeup, no rinsing required.

No more bending over the sink and dripping semi-soapy face water all over the collar of your shirt…

That’s my kinda product.

BUT, even though micellar water can technically moisturize, too, I find that it doesn’t quite give me enough moisture for the unforgiving winter winds.

So what have I been using instead? For now, I just take an oil that I already use (jojoba and/or coconut) and put that straight on my skin. I massage that around for a little bit to break up dirt and makeup, then I mist my face with the Evian spray. I finish by swiping it all off with a cotton pad.

No rinse required, but you can repeat ;).

And the best part about all this? It’s relatively cheap. Any skin-friendly oil will do; coconut, jojoba, olive, argan, sweet almond…whatever you already have.

The Evian facial spray is a little over $10, depending on where you go (I recommend looking for it at Ulta or Target or something).

And it’s multi-purpose, too. You can get the small one and carry it around with you to give yourself refreshers throughout the day.

Point is, I love it, it’s amazing, and you should definitely give it a try.

Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Lip Balm

winter favorites

Shea Moisture is love…Shea Moisture is life…

Remember when I talked about my chapped lips? Whenever the damn wind blows, I lick my lips. Like a lizard. And it sucks.

And as much as I love the little red lip balm pot that my fiance bought me for Christmas, it’s just not correcting the damage that I’ve done since coming back from the sun. So I had to try something else.

Now, I’m still in the sort-of-trial period with this stuff, but it is really doing the trick so far.

It doesn’t just sit on top of your lips like some other lip balms. I can actually feel it soaking in as soon as I smooth it on.

That’s really important, because your lips can’t make any of their own oil (like the rest of your skin). They need special attention like this.

So SO far, thumbs up for this great product.

It even says “vegan” right on the front, so that’s a plus.

The Body Shop Sink-In Moisture Sleeping Mask

winter favorites

Please forgive the following blasphemy…


Seriously, this stuff was made by angels and then sealed with their magical, moisturizing tears.

I actually bought this when I was still out in London, before the Cape Verde trip. I had been trying SO hard to keep most brand-name products off of my face. I’ve enjoyed keeping my skincare routine simple, but the harsh London air just didn’t allow for it.

I kept waking up with dry skin across the center of my face and around my nose. My face felt like a dry, tight mask. So I decided to give this product a try.

I was not disappointed.

It’s a thick cream, but not sticky. Soaks in super quick, and has a very clean smell.

Plus, you wear it overnight like a thick night cream. You don’t have to worry about rinsing it off; just slap it on and go to sleep.

Haven’t had an issue with it yet and I’ve been using it for a month now. So go grab you some at your local Body Shop, or order it online.

Desert Essence Organics Sweet Almond Hand and Body Lotion

winter favorites

As soon as I got home and felt that dry, itchy feeling around my arms and legs, I started slapping on the cocoa butter. But it wasn’t working; I was waking up with scales on my shins from dry air.

I asked my mom to please try to find me some kind of body butter on her trip to Wholefoods this week, and this is what she brought home.

So far, so good.

I have been hearing for quite a while that sweet almond oil is one of the closest to the oils in your skin. And I think that’s why this is working.

And it smells so good. BETTER than cocoa or shea butter.

The scales on my legs are sluffing off slowly and I’m seeing a lot of improvements in my texture after just 2-3 days.

This may be a keeper, ladies and gents.

What Are YOUR Winter Favs?

What products can you absolutely not live without this season?

Which ones do you think I need to try?

Drop me a comment down below! Lord knows I love me some skincare. Just make sure it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and relatively natural and I’m down for it!


Written by Ada


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