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The 4 Reasons Why I Stopped Blogging

why i stopped blogging
Kat Stokes

I stopped blogging a couple months ago.

Though there are several reasons why, I’m going to stick with 4.

But before we start, I just want to say thank you to those of you who have supported me on social media.

I’ve done my best to stay active there, even if I couldn’t quite commit to a consistent blog schedule.

Blogging is a Full-Time Commitment.

Not like a 9-5 job, mind you. But it does require you to commit a lot of free time to it.

And if you’re not really sure what your goals are or why you’re doing it, committing that time can be difficult.

It’s definitely a labor of love; one I hadn’t quite figured out.

So I had to take a break.

The 4 Core Reasons Why I Stopped Blogging

why i stopped blogging

Mental Health

I struggle with anxiety. As a result, I also struggle with situational depression.

For anyone who struggles with either, you know how hard it is to get motivated.

And it’s not so much a lack of desire as a lack of self-confidence.

I want to make good, consistent content. But I’m my own worst critic, so I usually end up hating what I make long before I put it out.

Who can relate?

But, as you’ll notice, I chose to use the word ‘struggle’ as opposed to ‘suffer’.

When you say you ‘suffer’ with something, it implies that you’ve become its victim.

But ‘struggle’ implies actively working to improve upon a situation. It’s difficult, but it can be done.

Which leads me to the next reason why I stopped blogging…

Refocusing My Intentions (Niche)

A big part of why I stopped blogging had to do with lack of intention.

I started That Singin’ Vegan Chick as a quirky place for newbie vegans to get advice.

But the more I dove into the blogosphere, the more I realized that this didn’t come from an organic place.

I chose “vegan lifestyle” blogging because it seemed most profitable at the time. Everyone’s trying to lose weight and veganism is growing in popularity. All one has to do is find their unique voice within that industry and, boom, you’re in the money…

… right?

Well, sort of.

But I quickly learned that if you don’t care about what you’re doing- and I mean really care- you ain’t gonna last long.

I needed to get back to basics:

Who am I trying to help and why?

My conclusion?

Millennial women.

We have more power than we think, and we don’t always utilize it.

I’m hoping I can help encourage us to take control of our lives and individual power…

… and simultaneously enjoying girly things and delicious vegan food.

Bonus: In the future, I hope to create a separate blog for political opinions. Stay tuned.

Learning More About My Craft

I had doubts about the effectiveness of my writing, so I studied up on content & copy writing.

Skillshare has been awesome.

It’s full of in-depth courses that teach you the basics (or more) of damn near anything.

I’m so much more confident in my writing as a result of courses like Web Content Writing Masterclass, Copywriting Masterclass 2019 with Copywriter”s Checklist, and Creating Blog Content Your Readers Actually Want to Read.

There’s more than that, of course, but these are the ones that have really helped me.

Changing My Priorities

I’ve matured a lot since starting this blog, and the reality is that I just don’t care about the same things I used to.

Some things have become more important, others have become less important- or not important at all.

I’m no longer concerned with being famous or creating a global company. I probably never was; I just thought that’s what you were meant to do if you wanted to be excellent.

Go big or go home, right?

Now all I want is to create the life I want to live, provide for my (future) family, and help women like me.

Public service is at the center of every longstanding, successful business. People can smell it on you when you don’t give a shit, and it’ll come back to haunt you.

I’m the same person with a new set of tools.

At the center of all the reasons why I stopped blogging was a need to redefine myself and what I stood for.

What do I plan to give the world in exchange for my achievements?

As much as I’ve always wanted to help people, I skipped that step initially.

Maybe I didn’t think I had enough to offer to establish myself as an authority or guru or coach or whatever.

So I settled for writing whatever and tossing it onto the internet.

But I’m feeling more grounded, more sure about what people need.

Sometimes they want a clear solution to a real problem. Other times they need inspiration.

But sometimes, all they need is a friend to say, “You know what? I see you, I get you, and I love you”.

These are the reasons why I stopped blogging, but you are the reason why I came back.

Thank you <3.

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