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Thanksgiving Post: My First Thanksgiving as a Vegan (plus DayQuil)

Vegan Thanksgiving

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Get Ready for Thanksgiving Fluff…

…and some shameless general fluff…

Okay, okay…I’m sorry.
I wanted to write a nice blog post for you guys, but I caught a cold somewhere between Tuesday and Wednesday.
Since then, my brain has pretty much rejected all logic, reason, and pleasure.
For real, it takes me like 3 hours and some NyQuil to fall asleep.
I’m trying to think of good content. I really am.
But my nostrils are on fire and I’m about as fun as Ben Stein narrating a documentary about pigeons.
So I figure I’ll go with whatever I got and edit it for flow later.
In short, this is going to be somewhat of a fluff post.
I’ll put as many helpful tidbits and outbound links as I can without making this spammy crap.
But I must warn you…that Ben Stein joke is pretty much the best I can do right now…
You can click away now, if you want to…
Or stick around and read about my vegan (and semi-congested) Thanksgiving.

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The Night Before…

Oh, here we go…
I’m writing this as I sniffle on snot the night before. Body aches, itchy soft palate, snotty nose…
My dad made a comment that I was getting “snarky”. At first, I thought he was being a smartass, but he meant that I sounded stuffier than this morning.
Great. Fantastic.
All I did was sleep today. I hope it means I’ll be better for tomorrow.
Anyway, I’m blathering.
I’m getting this started tonight so I can take some pics tomorrow. If you’re like me and suck at preparation (and are also sick), you’ll be able to relate.
I’ll log things as I go. (It’ll also spread the work out so I can “work” on Thanksgiving without working on Thanksgiving. See what I did there? Sounds pretty clever to me.)
In the meantime, I’ve taken some ibuprofen and NyQuil to get through the night. Stashed some in-case DayQuil in my purse for tomorrow.
You know… in case.
Btw, NO idea if this stuff is vegan…
Most likely not…
Sorry. It’s what I had in my medicine cabinet. I would suffer through, but tomorrow is a family day and I don’t want to stay home.
So I’m medicating.
We’ll pick this up again in the morning.

Thanksgiving Morning

Felt a little better today. Still “snarky”, but better.
Because I hadn’t prepared well for Thanksgiving, I needed to make sure I got enough for breakfast.
Here’s what I had:
  • Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and dates.
  • Matcha tea with flax milk.

<<<<<<10 Simple Vegan Snacks>>>>>

Thanksgiving Breakfast

 I got into peanut butter toast sometime in high school, and I LOVE it. The best meal for lazy people trying to be healthy. Especially if you’ve got a hearty bread like Ezekiel to work with.
It’s also great because I am NOT a morning person.
At all.
And the earlier I have to wake up, the lazier I get with my breakfast. So I toast some bread and slap some Skippy Peanut Butter on top. Done.
I add the dates for easy calories. Have you ever looked at the nutrition facts of dates? They’re like 33 calories each. 2-3 dates is 110.
So I cut 6 of those suckers in half and stick 3 on each slice of toast. (Yes, I eat 2 pieces of toast for a meal. Ezekiel bread comes in slices a little smaller than conventional bread. Even if it didn’t…no shame.)
Yum yum yum, delicioso.

A Short Lesson in Nutrition

I’m also trying to integrate more fortified foods into my diet.
Vegans have to plan what they eat. We get a lot of great things in our diet, like fiber, iron, and calcium. But we tend to be deficient when it comes to our omega-3s and B12.
The way to remedy this is to take vitamin supplements or eat foods with added nutrients.
I do a little of both.
To be honest, I forgot to take my multivitamin today, but I have started taking the Alive! Ultra Potency vitamin for women once a day.
Thanksgiving multivitamin
AND I may have found my new favorite milk alternative.
I ran out of Almond Breeze, and Whole Foods was open from 7am-4pm (yay!). So I ran in real quick to get some more.
Instead, I found Good Karma Flax Milk.
On MedlinePlus, I read that ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil are good sources of ALA omega-3s.
And get this: THIS milk had an extra 8gs of plant protein and 1200mgs of omega-3s per serving. (A serving is 8 oz., or 1 cup.)
The nutrition facts also boast that it takes care of 25% of your daily B12 intake. WOOT!
I had a choice to make: go with Ol’ Faithful (Almond Breeze) or try something new.
I chose to try something new. (Kind of a no-brainer, if you ask me, but I can’t speak for everyone.)
And I regret nothing.
(By the way, the Mighty Leaf matcha from Whole Foods is what I use right now. I usually buy Teavana, Mighty Leaf is a great price and of comparable quality.)
The flax milk does taste different from almond or almond coconut milk, but it’s still tasty. And very creamy.
The one caveat is that it doesn’t seem to froth as well as almond or coconut milk. But the creaminess makes up for some of that. And it compliments the bold taste of the matcha very well.
So get you some. You won’t regret it.
Oh yeah, and I didn’t need any DayQuil.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Remember when I told you I didn’t prepare well?
I wasn’t kidding.
I know, I’m triflin’.
In my defense, my grandmother throws DOWN for Thanksgiving dinner. There’s always enough to eat. Plus, she’s hip to my recent lifestyle choice, and she follows this blog.
Hi, Grandma.
She made sure I had enough to eat. You can always count on Grandma for that ;).
Here’s what I had:
  • Green Cauliflower (no, not broccoflower. But still delicious).
  • Green beans
  • Sweet potatoes with cranberry sauce and other fruits.
I can’t actually tell you what was in this since I didn’t make it.
But I can tell you that yes, it was vegan, and yes, it was delicious. Grandma promised and she delivered. Yay!

Hangin’ With The Fam

I didn’t take any pics. But that’s because my father takes more than anyone needs.
When I move out, I’m screwed. But for now, I can bum a lot of my social pics off of him.
I should start off by saying that my family is NUTS. The whole famn damily. (No, you didn’t read that wrong. That’s how screwed we are. But we’re awesome.)
We laugh at stuff that shouldn’t be funny and curse like sailors the whole time.
Again, we can thank Grandma for that.
Hi, Grandma.
I learned it from my mom and she learned it from hers. So we all get together and turn the place upside down.

That Night

I should have taken the DayQuil.
I’m sitting here typing this, feeling like a sad moose.
I don’t even know what a sad moose feels like, but I’m assuming it’s something like this. My snotty nose has turned me into a mouth-breather.
I took some NyQuil, hoping it’ll help me sleep. But I took it like an hour and a half ago and it hasn’t seemed to work.
Oh, well…
Sorry there wasn’t much wellness in this post… *cough, sniffle*.
But I hope this was refreshing and relatable.

Written by Ada


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