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5 Vegan Hair Care Products That I’m Using Right Now

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5 Vegan Hair Care Products

I can’t lie to you…I’m VERY lazy when it comes to doing my hair.

But not when it comes to my hair care.
I figure as long as my hair is healthy and clean, I’m good to go.
And let me be clear:

I am OBSESSED with clean, healthy hair.

There is no better feeling than hair that you don’t have to worry about.
The better you take care of it, the less effort you have to put into making it look nice.
That’s my philosophy, anyway.
As promised,

Here are my 5 favorite hair care products to date.

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Pacifica Hair Care

Pacifica’s Coconut Super Power Deep Conditioning Damage Control Mask

Let me first RAVE about how much I love Pacifica products.

They are my go-to brand because they are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

So if you’re a strict vegan, EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT is completely safe.

Also, the packaging is SUPER cute.

Can’t recommend them enough.

Ok, now let me get into this product that has won me over.

I started out looking for a good moisturizing conditioner or co-wash. (That’s the 2-in-1 stuff; I’ve also heard it referred to as “No-poo”).

Like I mentioned earlier, I already like Pacifica and knew they would have it at my local Wholefoods. So I headed up there to check out what they had.

I picked this one because it’s great for damaged or treated hair.

Also, this conditioner has some great ingredients with a ton of benefits for your hair.

Why don’t we get into those?

coconut oil hair care

Coconut Oil

Good ol’ faithful.

Coconut oil seems to be one of the most popular hair care products on the market these days.

Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • It’s very moisturizing
  • Lubricates the hair for detangling
  • Has a lot of great minerals and fatty acids for the hair.

This article by Dr. Axe  explains that coconut oil “is the only oil that reduces protein loss”.

Proteins keep your hair supple and strong, so that’s major.

Lauric acid, a fatty acid found in coconut oil, has a lower molecular structure than most. This allows it to get deep into the shaft of the hair and nourish it with all kinds of goodies:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Medium-chain fatty acids.

The Journal of Cosmetic Science corroborates this with this study.

Long story short, coconut oil is great for your hair and makes it easier to comb out without breaking it.

Superfruit and Rice Hair Care

Rice and Superfruits

Well, whoda thunk that you could smear rice and berries on your hair?

Well, great news! You can!

Let’s walk through all these ingredients and their benefits.

Rice bran oil

Cold-pressed from oryza sativa rice, rice bran oil:

  • Fights free radicals
  • Protects your hair from the sun
  • Makes your hair soft without weighing it down.

There’s even more where that came from in this article from

You’ll find that rice bran oil is also anti-inflammatory and improves micro-circulation.

Jojoba oil

You’ve most likely seen this name a million times.

Jojoba can be kind of expensive in it’s plain, un-filtered form, so it’s great that it’s added to this product.

It’s molecular structure is the a lot like the sebum of the scalp.

This means that it won’t mess with your hair’s natural balance.

Benefits of jojoba on the hair include:

  • Moisture for dry scalp
  • A little bit anti-bacterial
  • Penetration of the hair follicle, which strengthens the fibers on the inside.

You can find more info on jojoba oil in this blog post by Neno Natural.

You know, in case you don’t believe me about how great jojoba is.

Passionfruit oil

A.k.a., maracuja oil:

  • Contains essential fatty acids (linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic, and vitamin C)
  • Great for dandruff and dry, itchy scalp

It’s high in anti-oxidants and it’s emollient, which means that it’ll soften and soothe the skin.

Check out this article by Victoria Health. They go in depth about what scientists have concluded about this lightweight oil.

Acai berry oil

Yay! Another familiar name. Usually you hear about this in smoothie bowls or fruit juices, but guess what?

You can also make them into an oil that works wonders for your hair.

Benefits include:

  • Encouragement of hair growth from the scalp
  • Reparation of split ends
  • Protein (more than eggs)
  • Reduction and prevention of hair loss.

Stylecraze has a great article about the 29 Benefits of Acai Berries. It goes over several health benefits that acai berries have to offer.

Raspberry seed oil

I love eating raspberries.

Delicious, nutritious and refreshing.

But did you know that the oil extracted from the seeds is great for your hair?

The benefits of raspberry seed oil include:

  • Abundant in folic acid, a.k.a. Vitamin B. (Being deficient can lead to hair loss)
  • Protects the hair
  • Gives the hair a nice shine.

This article by Home Remedy Hacks outlines a few more benefits of raspberry seed oil for your skin and hair.

How to Use

Using the Pacifica Coconut Hair Mask is super easy:

  • Apply to your hair, focusing on the tips
  • Leave on for 3-15 minutes before rinsing out.

Now, I prefer to condition with this before I shampoo.

I wet my hair and apply the mask in the shower, then pile it into a bun on top of my head while I do everything else.

After letting it sit for a while, I separate my hair down the middle and comb out the 2 parts.

The conditioner smells so nice and makes my hair so manageable. My comb pretty much slips through.

THEN I use my shampoo to wash out all the dirt and conditioner.

So let’s get into my current shampoo.

Alaffia Super Hydrating hair care

Alaffia’s Purely Coconut Hydrating Shampoo

I’ve only been using this shampoo for a few weeks now, but I gotta say that I’m loving the results.

Most shampoos tend to dry my hair out and make it hard to manage.

I’d always have to comb my hair out AFTER I shampooed to make sure that it didn’t stay all tangled and locked up between.

But this shampoo doesn’t do that at all.

For one thing, I’m using it to shampoo out my deep conditioner, so I’m not applying it to dry, unlubricated hair.

But the shampoo itself is also very moisturizing:

  • It contains coconut oil, too.
  • Also contains coconut water and extract.
  • Uses ginger to stimulate and cleanse the scalp.

The same benefits from earlier apply here.

The new variable is ginger, which is great for the hair and scalp.

Why is ginger so great?


  • It cleanses
  • Makes hair MUCH more manageable while adding shine
  • Fights free radicals to prevent hair loss or thinning.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

A lot of the things in the products I use help to make my hair more manageable, shiny and strong.

That’s what you want in a good hair care product.

How to Use

It would seem pretty straightforward how to use shampoo, to I’ll tell you how I use it:

  • Apply one pump to the roots of my hair.
  • Massage it until scalp feels clean.
  • Rinse everything out.

Sometimes, to add some shine, I’ll rinse my hair with an apple cider vinegar and water mixture.

BE CAREFUL- ACV is VERY acidic. You do not need much; about a teaspoon for your whole head.

Because my hair is so curly, I don’t need to wash it as often as other people. The sebum in my hair doesn’t move down the shaft as well.

For this reason, I only wash my hair once a week.

So I only end up doing this every other week or so.

As for you, you can do THIS step every 2 weeks or once a month.

Trader Joe's Argan Oil

Trader Joe’s 100% Argan Oil

Magic in a damn bottle.

This pretty much says it all, folks.

Pure argan oil, nothing more.

The actual story behind argan oil isn’t too glamorous…it comes from goat poop.


It comes from goat poop, but only after those goats ingest the fruit of the argan tree and poop them back out.

You see, each fruit is has a nut that has 3 kernels in it. These kernels contain the lovely, silky oil that adds glisten and shine to our hair.

But workers have to extract it by hand.

We’ve tried to mechanize this process and it doesn’t work.

Most likely the reason for the goat shit.

Moving on.

Here’s why you should STILL use argan oil even though it most likely came from something that came out of a goat’s ass:

  • Non-greasy
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Great for split ends
  • Contains lots of fatty acids and vitamin E.

The reason why I LOVE the Trader Joe’s brand is because the price is right.

It costs about $7 for 1.7FL oz, which lasts about a month and a half.

Mind you, I don’t only use this on my hair. I use it on my face and body, too.

That’s a deal you can’t miss out on.

How to Use

Pretty simple: put it on your hair.

The Trader Joe’s brand comes with a nice little dropper in the cap.

You can squeeze out a little at a time and apply to your hair, focusing on the ends.

It has a very light smell and won’t overpower any perfumes you’re wearing, so feel free to leave it in.

Aura Cacia peppermint oil

Aura Cacia’s Rosemary or Peppermint Oil

Kind of interchangeable.

These 2 oils are fantastic for stimulating the scalp.

You can use all kinds of treatments and oils on your hair.

If you’re not getting the blood flow to those follicles, your hair ain’t gonna grow.

Dem’s da facts, peeps.

But don’t worry: these oils will help bring circulation back to those strands.

How to Use

All you gotta do is mix a drop of one of these oils with a squirt of that Argan oil from earlier.

(Or, as Aura Cacia recommends, grapeseed or olive oil.)

You’ll notice a cooling or tingling sensation, and that’s what you want.

You’ll smell great, you’ll feel good, and your hair will start a-growin’.

shea radiance shea butter

Shea Radiance’s Shea Butter, Unscented

I do most of the hair routine I summarized here on Sundays.

It’s the end of the week and it helps me wash off the last week in preparation for the next.

Once I’ve done that, I like to finish off with shea butter.

Here’s why:

  • It’s very emolliating.
  • Locks in moisture and protects hair from the elements.

And guess what? The same stuff you use on your body is the same stuff you can use for your hair.

This whole tub that I bought only costs about $20, and I can use it EVERYWHERE.

I HIGHLY recommend this product.

You don’t need much and it’s pretty much the best thing you can do for your hair.

How To Use

You can use this product 2 ways:
  1. To detangle your hair.
  1. As a leave-in once you wash your hair.
I use it both ways.
Before washing my hair, I distribute a dime-sized amount throughout.
I don’t use a comb for this step, only my fingers.
Then, once I’ve washed and detangled my hair, I scrunch a little bit of the shea butter into my curls.
And I can’t even describe to you how soft it keeps my hair.
PILLOW soft.

What’s YOUR Vegan Hair Care Routine?

I’m not a professional and I can’t tell you what would work for you.
All I can do is tell you know what works for me.
But these products work great on my hair.
And if you like what you read, they might work for you, too.
Would you ever use any of these products?
What products do you use right now?

Let me know in the comments below


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