15 Things You Don’t Know About Me (Even If You Read My Blog)

15 things you didn't know about me

Hey, y’all!

So, I’ve been feeling myself going more in the direction of a lifestyle/personal blog lately…

… don’t worry, I’m still vegan and I’ll still do vegan lifestyle posts. There’s just more that I’d like to share and talk about than that.

So I thought I’d change it up this Lifestyle Monday with a post of some things that maybe you don’t already know about me…

Ada Raven, That Singin’ Vegan Chick.


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Let’s get started.

15 Things You Probably Don’t (Already) Know About Me…

Things you didn't know about Ada Raven, That Singin' Vegan Chick

#1: I Have 98 Cousins

Yep… 98 cousins. Not once removed, not twice removed… 98 FIRST cousins.

I am one of over 100 grandchildren… now tell me how big YOUR family is…

#2: I LOVE Crime/Forensic Science Documentaries

Seriously, if I was any good at biochemistry, this might have been my Plan B career.

I LOVE documentaries about the most notorious serial killers, murder mysteries, and forensic files.

Probably due to my obsession with health and mental illness. Learning why people behave the way they do and what motivates them? So intriguing to me.

I’m also obsessed with philosophy… maybe I should go back to school for a psych degree 😀 .

#3: I Used to Ice Skate and Play Soccer

Seriously the shortest blip in my life, but I definitely tried it.

I did, like, 1 figure skating class and hated it. Slipping, falling, and landing on a hard-ass block of ice was not my idea of fun.

Likewise, with the soccer, I think I liked it until I fell and someone kicked me in the side with their cleat…

Has a child ever done that to you? It’s not at all like being kicked with a tennis shoe. And that was the end of my short-lived soccer “career”.

Ended up being a dancer instead :).

#4: I’ve Been RUN OVER By A Car

Not hit… RUN OVER.

(My close friends and family know this… obviously.)

I was out in the street playing bike tag… was probably about 4 or 5. One of my neighbors came home and pulled up to his parking space. Everyone else had gotten out of the street long before, but I tried to sit behind him and wait for him to pull all the way in. Had no idea he would back up to straighten out first.

He started to back up, and when I realized what was happening, I tried desperately to back up on my bike… and couldn’t. Shoulda just abandoned the thing and run out of the way.

But nope. Down I goes.

I remember putting my hand out in a futile attempt to stop the van (I think it was a van- definitely bigger than a car) from backing up further as I fell.

The bike was underneath me as I felt the tire make its way up my back. If it hadn’t been for the guy’s fiancé running out of the house and waving for him to stop, the tire would have crushed me completely.

So if you’re reading this, Eileen (we’re friends on FB now)… THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!

Glad to say I came out of it with little more than bone bruises and a scrape on my stomach…

… oh, and a ruined shirt.

#5: We Used To Have an Aquarium with 10 Snakes in Our Basement

Yep… my dad was basically a black Steve Irwin.

Nothing poisonous, mind you, but we had a few constrictors and pythons who got big enough to swallow a small child. (Mom always made him get rid of them once they got to that ginormous size… thank God.)

Dad even came to school and showed them off sometimes, which gave ME some street cred ;).

Sure do miss our corn snake, Esmeralda… who turned out to be a boy.


#6: I DESPISE Bean Burgers

When I first went vegetarian (and then vegan), I toughed them out for a while. But I’m sorry, bean burgers are just gross.

Yeah, yeah, they’re probably better for you than the Gardein or Beyond Meat ones, but once you’ve had those you kind of never go back.

So from where I’m standing, you either hate bean burgers or you’re wrong. Lol. Sorry ‘bout it.

#7: I Haven’t Brushed or Combed My Hair in 6 Months

I still detangle it, but stopped using a comb sometime in January.

Why? Because I was tired of pulling chunks of my hair out. I lose a lot less hair when I work through it with my fingers.

So yeah, I highly recommend it… especially if you’ve got Happy Hair, like me :).

#8: Most Bugs Don’t Bother Me

I mean, I don’t want them on me, but spiders, ants, other insects… they don’t really gross me out.

They’re just little creatures that are trying to survive like the rest of us. So if I see a spider, I usually let them live or put them outside.

Now, SLUGS… those bastards have NO purpose, and I wouldn’t complain if the little buggars went EXTINCT…

… still won’t kill ‘em, though.

#9: I Love Skincare, But Not Makeup

I’m just too lazy.

Makeup application requires a certain level of precision that, frankly, I’m just not about at this point in my life.

Now skincare? I LOVE it. New moisturizer? All in! New cleanser? Sign me up!

Because taking care of the skin and hair that you already have is gonna serve you in the long run.

Heavy foundation just ain’t for me… I don’t like the way it feels. Much prefer a nice, light B.B. or C.C. cream. Plus, you can pretty much just smear it on with your hands… no beauty blender needed.

Now, THAT I like.

If makeup IS your thing, go for it. I ain’t gonna hate. But contouring and highlighting? Nah, shordd. You can keep that.

#10: I’m A Red Wine Girl… But My Current Favorite Is Plum

I’m usually a red wine girl. A nice roscato really hits the spot.

But my favorite wine right now has got to be plum. Discovered it at an Asian Fusion restaurant a few weeks ago, and it tastes like white grape juice with that lovely, familiar buzz of fermentation.

If you can find it, you need to get you some.

#11: I Don’t Shave Unless I Have To…

Quite frankly, I can’t be arsed to do it. (That’s a little phrase I picked up from my British fiancé). It’s a lot of work, and I’m not even that bothered by my body hair.

Now, if there’s a special occasion where I have to wear a dress or I spend the week at the beach, I will go ahead and shave… then maintain it until I go home. But that’s about it.

Body hair is friggin’ natural… nothing wrong with shaving it, nothing wrong with NOT shaving it.

Plus, my body hair doesn’t grow back that fast, so I don’t even have to shave that often to begin with.

TMI? Oh, well.

#12: I Still Wear Clothing From, Like, 8 Years Ago

Ok, I’m not walking around wearing completely out-of-fashion clothing. I still know how to look presentable, and I have bought new pieces of clothing since high school… it’s just that I also still own things from 8 years ago…

… and still wear them from time to time…

… don’t you judge me.

#13: I Really, REALLY Don’t Like Jeans

As a woman with a big ass, let me say right here and now that jeans are extremely uncomfortable. They squeeze your thighs and make them itch.

And then you can’t even SCRATCH said itch because the fabric is too thick.

So yeah… #LeggingsForLife.

#14: If You Buy Me A Vegan Donut, I’ll Love You Forever

Up until this point, I haven’t had any trouble finding vegan alternatives for most of my favorite foods… except donuts.

The closest vegan donut shop is 30 minutes away… so the last time I had a donut was 10 months ago.

My favorite place to get them in MD is Sticky Fingers Sweets and Treats… which is actually in D.C.

There’s a new storefront for a pop-up brand, Donut Alliance, in B’More… but they’re always SOLD OUT!

So if someone knows where I can get a damn vegan donut in the DMV area (besides DC and Baltimore), please let a girl know.

#15: For An Introvert, I’m A Pretty Open Book

I’m an introvert. I’ll own that.

I love people, but I don’t like them very much… if that makes sense. I’d much rather have a quiet get together with wine and friends than a massive party or going clubbing.

(That last one… just… blegh. Not my thing.)

That being said, it was really hard to make this list because I couldn’t really think of anything that I haven’t already told people. I don’t have a whole lot of secrets, or a lot of things that I’m ashamed of.

So… yeah.

That was fun!

What’s something no one knows about you?

You got some cool things no one knows about you? Drop me a comment! I wanna know!

Doesn’t have to be a deep dark secret… just some interesting fun fact that maybe you’ve never even thought to tell anyone about… a hidden talent, a funny story… whatever floats your boat!

Look forward to seeing what you come up with :).

.  . .  . . .  . . . .  . . . . .

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