Hey, guys! Welcome to my blog!

And if you actually read my sometimes-stream-of-consciousness journal entries, I sincerely appreciate you… 

… cuz that shit be crazy sometimes… even for me.

Here is where I’ll post all of my writings, usually in one big blog post each week on a Wednesday.

My mission?

To let other women, girls, and people like me know that they’re not alone in life.

And I know, I know… that’s a TOTAL cliché. But trust me, when I say I’m going to share everything, I mean I’m going to share EVERYTHING. Not the gross stuff or anything too graphic… just the way I get through my life with all the little things that make me me.

And maybe to show you that you don’t have to have it all figured out to make something great. Hell, half the famous people in the world were total wrecks behind the scenes. But maybe you and I can make something of ourselves and get our fucked-up-ness fixed at the same time.

Here’s to life… no one makes it out alive, but that’s what makes it worth living <3 😉 .

Much Love,


Ada Raven,

That Singin’ Vegan Chick

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