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  • This Week’s Theme: Honor Your Vomit

    Ok, guys. Sorry it took so long to post this week. I guess I should try harder to schedule in advance the night before, but my office situation is a little disjointed at the moment. This week, I decided to go all in and write everything as a journal entry first, then dictate it here. […] More

  • Journal Writing and Low Self-Esteem (Sh*t I Did Last Week Blog Series)

    *PLEASE NOTE: This post and other posts on my site may contain affiliate links. All this means is that I get a small compensation if you purchase from one of the links in my post… at NO extra cost to you! For details, please view my privacy & disclosure policies.   Before I start this […] More

  • Transition Is The Word (‘Sh*t I Did Last Week’ Blog Series)

    Hey, y’all! Here goes another one… So, this past week had its ups and downs, and I tried to share them all to the best of my ability. Oi… I don’t think you realize how hard it is to document with a brain that’s all over the place like mine. Seriously, half the time, I […] More

  • I’m Scaling My Blog Content Back From 4 Posts/Wk to 1 Post/Wk…

    Hey, y’all. So for a while now, I’ve been trying to keep up with an editorial schedule of 4 blog posts a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. And you know,  that was working pretty well. I was loving it; I love writing, I love creating, and I love learning new new things and sharing […] More

  • Growth vs. Fixed Mindset (And How to Apply The Former to Your Daily Life)

    Ok, y’all… can’t lie to you on this one… … I procrastinated the shit outta this post. Mainly because I was waiting to see what you guys would vote for in my Twitter poll, but also because I don’t want to create another fluff post about ‘positive mindset’. Don’t get me wrong, those posts definitely […] More