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  • Comfort & Clarity: My New Life Motto

    Hey, y’all!   Welcome to another episode of Shit I Did Last Week!   Well, ok, not episode… but when I finally get up the courage to put together a YouTube video, you’ll be the first to know.   Anyway, this week kind of speaks for itself. I’ve got a new attitude ;).   Edit: Full disclosure… […] More

  • Coming To Terms With Who I Really Am

    Hey, guys. I just want to say thank you to anyone who follows my blog, and I’m sorry that this post is coming to you late. I share a lot of things about myself in this post; things that I’ve never told anyone, but it almost feels necessary in order to come to terms with […] More

  • 5 Self-Care Tips that Go Deeper than Bubble Baths and Facials

    Hey, y’all! Happy Spiritual/Self Care Sunday! Self care is a pretty popular topic nowadays. Just about every lifestyle blog posts about it. I like to think of what’s happening these days as the Millennials’ Renaissance, or our version of Woodstock. I don’t know, I hope you get the picture. Every generation does it. This is […] More

  • 4 Healthy Habits I’m Adopting to Lose Weight After A Depressive Slump

    Not my proudest (or happiest) moment. Since I’ve recently been trying to be a little healthier, I decided to weigh myself after months. Probably not the best idea after a long day (you’re heavier at night, apparently), but I wanted to see where my weight range was. I’ve always fluctuated, but this is on a […] More