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  • Are You An Omnist? (What Is Omnism and Why Is It Significant?)

    I can’t lie…I’m literally drafting this the night before because I totally didn’t know what to write about for this Sunday. I know that I’m fascinated by all things spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical, but I was still looking for a way to research and categorize that…   So I’m looking for inspiration and relevant articles […] More

  • 6 Awesome Benefits of Regular Meditation and The Best Way to Do It

    How I Got Into Meditation I started meditating after I got into Yoga.   Most of us do yoga for the exercise, not realizing the mental and spiritual benefits.   See, yoga didn’t start out as an exercise style that also happens to calm you down. That’s more of a Western thing. It started as […] More

  • Synchronicity, The Law of Attraction and How It Directly Affects Your Life

    This week on That’s-So-Meta Thursday   We’ll be talking about synchronicity.   It’s a concept first introduced by the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, and it could be affecting you as we speak.   So before we dive in…   First Thing’s First   About Blogmas 2017…   …oops…   Yeah, that didn’t work out too […] More