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  • 4 Fitness Tips for People Who Hate Exercising

      I hate exercising. There… I said it. Despite the fact that I run a health & wellness website, I am NOT a gym rat. I’m lazy AF. It’s just the truth. The gym annoys me… it’s not my thing. But I tell you what I do like: feeling healthy and happy. So this one’s […] More

  • 3 Benefits of Standing Up While You Work (for those who work a busy desk job)

    Anyone else live in Maryland? Well, if you do, then you know that Thursday was, like, the hottest day of 2018 (5/03/2018). So far, anyway. I woke up with the intention of bustin’ my ass on the yoga mat. Then I checked my weather app… 90-fucking-degrees-Fahrenheit. Edit: Today (Friday) is supposed to be even hotter… […] More