Self Love: What It Really Means

self love

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Hey, y’all!

I missed a couple of days this week. But don’t worry, I’m doing really well. Pretty good, actually.

But next week, I’ll try to write something at least once a day and share it with you :).

In the meantime, I hope you like what I have for you this week. Enjoy!


self love

Self Love

Crap… forgot to write something yesterday.

I’m sorry, y’all… I was babysitting and, well, you know. Just passed out at the end of the day. My little cousins are busy people.

Anyway, it’s really late and I’ve got work in the a.m., but I wanted to write this real quick so it was a fresh Thursday thought (instead of something I jotted down later).

The meditating with the Headspace app has reached an entirely new level for me… in a good way. I no longer want to fidget in the middle of a 20 minute meditation.

Edit: Ok, I still fidget sometimes if I’m super restless, but it’s not as common.

After that, I watched this video by Ali Kamenova… seriously good and I recommend you watch it. Let it speak for itself.

I never thought about it like that before, but honestly, she’s got a point. Like, maybe our obsession with constantly perfecting ourselves is keeping us at an emotional standstill as people.

At my voice lesson tonight, I put some of these thoughts into play. I’m a pretty advanced vocal student… nearly 11 years now. And due to my self-critiquing nature, I kick myself for not being perfect at it.

Like, You’re 11 years in and you’re STILL having to make technical adjustments? What’s wrong with you?

But that’s not realistic. I’m good, everything in my repertoire says I’m good… the only way I’ll improve is if I’m ok with exactly where I am right now.

9 outta 10 times, I’d be better if I stopped worrying about being better.

Anyway, those are my late night thoughts from today. I gotta catch some Zs now. Nunight!


self love


Mornin’, y’all.

Who else works on the weekends? Is it a slow day for you, too, or are you usually pretty busy?

It’s been pretty slow on my end. And I’m sitting here debating grabbing another cup of tea and ordering some veggie sushi. Oh, and pinning cute outfits on Pinterest. I am in desperate need of a Wardrobe update.

Ok, I’m blathering a little bit. And here’s why…

You’ve probably noticed I missed Wednesday and Friday… mainly because I was doing other things.

But I think this might actually be a good thing. I’ve had a pretty peaceful week so far. No serious emotional slumps or swings… just calm. And I’ve really been enjoying it.

When you’re having a great time, you don’t feel compelled to be on social media as much. I’m trying to find that sweet spot between dedicating myself to this blog, but not letting it run my life.

I’m really hoping it’s possible to have the job of your dreams, but also work to live rather than the other way around. Maybe that’s a little too close to ‘having it all’, which probably doesn’t exist. Then again, maybe it’s not.

Oh, well. Even with imperfections, life can still be good.


self love

Some Late Night Thoughts

K, sorry… I went M.I.A. on you again for a couple days this week. Been really thinking about a few things, like what I want to do for the rest of my life and how.

And what I came up with? I have no fucking clue yet. Maybe right now isn’t the time for making bigger decisions or constantly trying to ‘be better’… which can sometimes take you away from accepting yourself in the Now.

There’s action in inaction, and motion in stillness. Ever notice that when you try to sit extra still, you still twitch or sway or have to scratch?

That’s because life isn’t stagnant. I feel like everything is always shifting, and in order to achieve equilibrium again, something else must shift… and so on and so on until we’re full circle.

What I’m saying is, we couldn’t stand still if we tried. We’re all made from energy, potential and kinetic. And I feel like when you build up enough potential energy, it just has to move at some point.

You just have to let it happen.

So that’s what I’m doing… storing my potential energy and relishing it. Because I think when I go kinetic, it could be really awesome.

Also, what’s awesome for me may not be ‘awesome’ to the people around me. Not all energy is meant to go to the same place. Or maybe it is? I don’t know, this already got WAY more scientific than I wanted it to lol.

What I’m trying to say is, you have time. Learn how to be happy and content with your potential before you try to achieve your kinetic. The more potential you build, the more powerful your kinetic release.

Stop and smell the roses… literally, go outside and smell some fucking flowers. And maybe I need to go out and touch a slug or something and just feel the fear… or the disgust.

Because this is life. This is what you have right now. You will never be able to live in the future. Or return to the past. It will always evade you. So stop fuckin’ chasing.

Just move.


self love

I Don’t Want Easy

I had a thought… probably stemming from my thoughts last night/this morning. But I feel like most people equate “happiness” with “easy” living, smooth sailing, comfort. And as we’ve kind of established recently, these things don’t always make for the most fulfilling life.

Hmmm… there’s another thought. Maybe instead of striving to be happy, we should strive to be fulfilled. To have no regrets when you go to your grave. Or at least, to have your biggest goals met by the time you die.

Now, I’m not the kind of person who likes to live like I might die tomorrow… because then I can’t be in the moment and enjoy today. But I also don’t want to cut corners, because I know that won’t bring around the most fulfilling outcomes.

So… I don’t want easy. The best things in life aren’t free. Sometimes, it will rain… but there’s beauty in that. It’s not always about waiting for the sun to shine… sometimes you gotta play in the rain.

Stay Tuned For Next Week

How do you like that?

Lol ok… I promise that ‘next week’ starts tonight.

That means I’ll be starting with my thoughts from today and ending with my thoughts on Tuesday. Full week. No gaps. Pinky swear.

Also, I think I may start putting more health & wellness posts on my blog again. No concrete schedule yet… just a thought.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

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List of International Suicide Hotlines (courtesy of the International Bipolar Foundation)Please, please, PLEASE do NOT hesitate to find your hotline and call if you think you need it. You are NOT alone <3 .

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self love

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