Hate The Gym? Here Are 6 Ways To Workout AT HOME With NO GYM EQUIPMENT!!

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Linda Xu

I Don’t Know About You, But I HATE The Gym…

I know…weird for someone who’s into fitness instruction, right?

But it’s true…I love teaching, but when it comes to my own workout? Ick. The gym makes me feel regimented and feeling regimented makes working out hard.

Being at the gym reminds me of being on the treadmill: you sweat your ass off while staring at a wall. It takes away the pleasure of mindful exercise.

Plus, who really has time to go to the gym anymore? So many people I know work at least 40 hours a week, run errands and do chores on the weekends…

When do you fit in your workout?

You Can Fit It Into Your Regular Routine

Here’s where things get a little interesting…

What if I told you that you could fit in a decent amount of exercise at home?

Not only will this help you fit in a workout around a busy schedule, but it can also help you break it up a little to keep you from feeling too regimented. That way, you’re less likely to piss out a couple weeks in.

If you think this might be yo thang, keep reading.

Doing Squats/Lunges While Doing Chores

You can do a few sets of these while you’re doing just about anything: walking the dog, pushing a stroller, getting the mail…

I like to do them while practicing my vocal exercises. I’m already doing the deep-breathing and stamina work; might as well get some muscle-building in there, too.

Do like 5 sets of 5 reps, alternating between 5 lunges and 5 squats in place. When you feel like you’re progressing, try putting that together into 3 sets of 10, and/or eventually 3 sets of 15.

The goal here is not to kick your ass or make yourself sweat profusely; it’s just to get your blood flowing and your body more active between your regular activities.

Yoga Stretches At Your Desk

This is something I actually started doing for myself.

I am NOT a morning person. On the days I don’t have to work, my body naturally wakes up sometime around 11 am.

But this is not a realistic time for anyone that works between 20-40 hours a week at a real estate office, so I’ve had to improvise my workouts a bit.

It mostly involves just doing a few sun salutations or vinyasas when the activity is slow (like Saturday morning).

Sure, it’s pretty watered down, but it really helps me wake up and get into the space.

(It’s also a great thing to do when you’ve been sitting for a few hours and you need to get the blood moving again. Keeps your limbs from falling asleep or your shoulders from hurting).

Watered down or no, this is fantastic for your body, especially if you’ve been sitting sedentary for a while.

Use A Deck Of Cards

I love, love, love, love this one. It was mentioned it in last Fitness Friday’s blog post, too.

Pretty straightforward: you set a timer for yourself (between 1-5 minutes) and take a full deck of cards. Each card is worth its number value- except the face cards, which equal 10, and the Aces, which equal 11.

For those 1-5 minutes, you draw a card and do that many reps, and keep doing it until the timer runs out.

You can do this with sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, squats, lunges…pretty much any exercise that requires repetition.

This is the one I pull out when I’m bored with my regular workout and I wanna mix it up.

And it still requires no gym and no equipment 😉.

YouTube Videos

A staple of my own workout routine.

Putting together your own workout and keeping track of your reps can be a daunting task. And sometimes, you simply don’t wanna think that hard.

So pick the type of exercise you wanna do- cardio, HIIT, yoga, etc.- and look it up on YouTube.

There are so many great fitness teachers who promote their programs on YouTube. My two favorites are Millionaire Hoy (yes, that’s his real name 😉 ) and Ali Kamenova. Tons of free classes, long and short. There will always be something that’ll fit your needs that particular day.

(Edit: I found a woman named Adriene who has a full 30 Days Of Yoga playlist…COMPLETELY FREE. I’m doing the challenge…will you?

Don’t forget to subscribe!)

All you need is a computer, some space, and a really comfy pair of workout pants.

Run/Walk To Errands

I used to have a doctor who was right up the street from me. A 5 minute drive…but why drive when you can knock out your workout right then and there?

So I’d throw on my sports bra and leggings, put on my sneakers, and walk- or even jog- to my doctor’s appointments (a good 15-20 minutes).

Then, when I was done, I’d walk or jog back home.

I still do this when I need to get to the store or the bank.

So next time you need to run a quick errand that’s “right down the road”, consider saving yourself some gas money and burning some calories.

Grocery Bag Weight-Lifting

I do not recommend doing this with anything that’s super perishable. That probably goes without saying. Go ahead and put that stuff away first.

But yeah…a little like the squats from earlier, get creative. Next time you go grocery shopping, take a few minutes with a decently-weighted bag and do a few reps. Start with the 5x5s  again.

A great way to try weightlifting without investing in your own set of dumbells yet.

How Do YOU Exercise At Home?

I have never been one for the gym. The circuit was depressing, new classes got expensive, and I just got tired of staring at the walls. So I had to get creative at home.

This is how I did it.

But what are YOUR thoughts?

How do you stay fit when you can’t make the gym? Do you have makeshift equipment, like me, or did you go ahead and buy yourself some hand weights and a treadmill?

Or do you prefer the gym to working out at home?

Drop me a comment and let me know!


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