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Shit I Did Last Week #2: Beautiful Disaster Waiting To Happen

Shit I Did Last Week

Hey, y’all!

Happy 4th of July!

I wasn’t sure if I should or would do anything special for today… I was really conflicted, between political controversy & my plan for my blog thus far.

Ultimately, I decided that I am still a home-grown American, and exalting my country and its wonders does not mean that I condone, in any sense of the word, the political crap that is happening in the U.S.

Also, I would like to point out that this is a national holiday… not a continental holiday. So technically, the word ‘Merica doesn’t make sense on a day like today because Canada is part of North America and they celebrated Canada Day days ago… Sunday, I think it was?

Also, what about South Americans? Seriously. I don’t think we thought this one through when we named ourselves the “Americans”.

But I’m rambling. So, I am a proud citizen of the United States, and I will exalt the land of my childhood and openly criticize my government and society, too.

Anyways, this week, I’m continuing with the second of many blog posts to come in my Shit I Did Last Week blog series…

I have no idea if you even want this yet. But I figure it can’t hurt to talk about some interesting things I did each day of the week in order to better share my story of self-discovery with you.

This is me… I am weird, I overshare, and I’m probably a disaster waiting to happen… but I’m your disaster waiting to happen 😀 !

… that’s not super encouraging, is it?

Oh, well.

I hope you like it!

Shit I Did Last Week # 2: Your Beautiful Disaster Waiting to Happen 🙂

Shit I Did Last Week

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Wednesday 6/27/18: Detoxing from Facebook For A Few Days

Turned off the notifications and everything… doctor’s orders.

If you haven’t noticed, Facebook has become a pretty toxic place full of political vitriol and bad news articles. People are angry… understandably so. This is a tough time for everyone.

But Facebook has become a massive rant session. People go there to say things that they’d never say to anyone face-to-face.

I can tell you for a fact there are things said between myself and family members (on both sides- no one is completely free of guilt) on Facebook that we would never dream of saying directly.

And it’s exactly for this reason that my therapist has recommended I take a couple days off from Facebook each week . Gotta give myself a break from that.

Now, I won’t be unplugging completely; I care about people and I want to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

But I know now that I’m no good to any of them or to myself if I pour all of my energy down the angry-Facebook-rant drain.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have the cajones to simply invite someone to a coffee shop and talk about this stuff one-on-one… it’s scary because there’s always the chance it could end badly. But I would like to do it eventually. For everyone’s sake.

Edit: Like an addict, I went on Facebook a few times without thinking. Luckily, as soon as I realized it, I closed the app. So… I’m starting my time over, but not taking myself TOO seriously. I’m still on Instagram and Twitter because the former is still a pretty nice place and the latter is where a bunch of journalists hang out, so I’m not completely shut off from current events.

2nd Edit: Yep. I done fucked up again. My fiancé said I should start punishing myself with workouts every time I visit Facebook out of habit. Beginning to think he’s right.

Thursday 6/28/18: Video on Positive Thinking (Jack Canfield)

I saw a video on positive thinking by Jack Canfield (Twitter) that I thought I saved, but apparently I didn’t. So… that sucks.

However, I remember what it was that stuck out to me.

I think there’s some truth to the idea that you attract the kind of energy you put out. But I also think the energy you hold onto affects what you’re able to do in life.

Negative thoughts and emotions keep you from setting and pursuing your goals. If you don’t think you’re good enough or you think you don’t deserve it, you won’t have it in you to go for it.

Now, Mr. Canfield says that the best way to stop negative thinking is to become conscious of it, cancel it, and replace it with something more positive.

For instance, I usually wake up and think, “Ugh… I look rough today”. While I know that everyone doesn’t look FANTASTIC when they first jump out of bed, you don’t have to spend the whole day in that mindset.

So from now on, I’m gonna wake up and think, “I’m so excited to brush my teeth, wash my face, and get ready to go”. OR even, “Damn, I’m so lucky I have running water to freshen myself up in the mornings”.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it’ll take some time for those things to resonate on a deep level. And I’ll have to consciously think the word “Cancel” when I have a negative thought about myself.

But that’s my favorite part, actually. I like the idea of deleting the negative and starting fresh with a positive.

Like mental de-cluttering.

Friday 6/29/18: Started Exercising Again

Ok, so lately it’s been really hard find the motivation to exercise. It takes energy that I don’t always have.

So I’ve been trying to get in some light exercise by walking to the local coffee shop on the days that I don’t have work, as well as setting aside 5 minutes in the morning to do some simple yoga.

You’d be surprised how effective a couple Sun Salutations can be.

Edit: I’m now doing 10 minutes a morning using this playlist by SarahBethYoga . Even that small amount is better than nothing.

Saturday 6/30/18(but also Friday): Figured Out How To Work My Mailing List… Sort Of…

Ugh… I am so not good with computers.

I mean, I guess I’m better than most, but I could do a lot better… seriously.

So even if this isn’t really a big deal to you, it is HUGE to me.

I had been feeling like my blog was going stagnant and like I wasn’t going to get any newcomers, let alone keep viewership.

And you haven’t seen hell until you’ve seen my comment section after 1 night… the spam is realer than real.

So I really needed to figure out how to friggin’ work MailerLite so I could actually send out that newsletter that my pop-up kept promising (by the way, you can sign up for that just to the right ——————>).

And I finally figured out how to send out a regular campaign!

Or rather worked up the courage to create and schedule one. You have NO fucking idea how excited this makes me!

Saturday Night: Sock-hop with Family Friends!

My parents are fantastic xD.

I can’t remember what made them decide to do this, but they set up a party where we’d have our friend, Jerry, spin records and everyone would be dancing in the basement. He offered to play one of my favorite Simon & Garfunkel songs, The Boxer. Which we both agree isn’t really a dance song, but who cares? It’s good.

That’s what it was SUPPOSED to be.

What REALLY happened was that we all sat upstairs telling dirty jokes and eating chips.

So… basically me everyday that I’m not at work.

I live for this shit.

Shit I Did Last Week


I FINALLY shaved my armpits… and I’m thinking about doing my legs tonight.

This is huge, folks. I don’t think you realize.

It’s been about 2 or 3 months since I last shaved my armpits, 6 OR 7 since I shaved my legs. Mainly because I just can’t be bothered; that shit is a lot of work.

But Pacifica may have come up with something that actually makes me want to shave…

By the way, have I told you how much I fucking LOVE this brand yet? If not, see Exhibit A.

So this product that makes me want to shave (that I’m now afraid they may have discontinued) is the Coconut Milk Shave Whip.

Note: I sincerely hope it hasn’t been discontinued, but I couldn’t find it anywhere else except Amazon. Not even the Ulta website. And Ulta is where I got it. Sooo… fingers crossed?

It is AMAZING. I only needed a dime-sized amount for each armpit.

I’d suggest wetting the area first, then massaging the product onto the area until it gets a little creamy and light. It doesn’t get as foamy as most shave creams, but it does get a little frothy.

Seriously… smoothest shave I think I’ve ever had. And it didn’t take me long at all.

I’ve also tried their BB Cream for the first time.

Normally I’m a CC Cream kind of girl. The two are basically the same thing, except one stands for Blemish Balm (or Beauty Balm), the other stands for Color Correcting. That’s what I’ve heard.

ANYWAY, I’m loving the product. Even when I had problems with my skin, I never really liked heavy coverage. But my complexion needed the help, so CC Cream was the way to go.

Now I’m feeling pretty confident about my skin… I’m comfortable wearing even LESS.

Soooo when I finish this BB Cream, I’ll let you know if I liked it and if I’ll buy it again.

Edit: I did not shave my legs.

Monday 7/02/18: Reconnecting with my love for poetry

I don’t know when it happened, but I stopped writing songs, stopped writing poetry, stopped writing anything but blog posts and journals.

And don’t get me wrong, those last 2 types of writing have saved my life in a different way.

Sometimes I just need to get the feelings out, and journaling is the best for that.

If you’re like me and have a tendency to get overwhelmed, I highly recommend it. Do it.

But seriously, I’ve missed writing poetry and creating art with my feelings instead of just content.

If I have something I really like, maybe I’ll post it to the blog. I’m also thinking about creating a site for my domain again, so if/when I do that, I might post my poetry and songs there.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday 7/03/18: Reminder To Be Patient and Keep Going

I have been watching a TON of GaryVee lately (Gary Vaynerchuk). Most recently this keynote he did at the Cannes Festival 2018.

I don’t think I’ll ever STOP watching him. He’s got some great practical advice about business, but he also encourages a lot of patience… and I mean a lot.

Like, some of the best things that happen to us aren’t meant to happen in 6 months to a year. Some of them are meant to happen in 5, even 10 years.

I mean, of course, be realistic… if you’ve been pounding away at something for over 3 years and seeing NO results, might wanna try something else.

But if you know that what you’re doing is a process and you see steady growth each day, week, month? Persevere. Try to stick with it. You might be onto something.

I was reminded of this while scheduling pins from Tailwind Tribes- support your fellow bloggers, guys– and I saw a great quote from Nadalie Bardo’s blog:

“The worst regret you can have is wondering what would have happened if you’d just kept going.” -Giulia Melluso, Searching For Better

Shit I Did Last Week

That’s just so fantastic… and true.

I embrace technology in the pursuit of making a living. It’s made it possible for SO many people in this generation to create opportunities where there were none.

But it’s also made us a little impatient.

We have forgotten what it really means to put your head down and work. Working hard has taken on this connotation of misery, and working smart has become synonymous with fewer hours and less effort.

I fundamentally disagree with these things.

Working smart and working hard mean that you love something so much that you are determined and excited to do it… and willing to see it through to the end.

For instance, I have NO fucking clue what this blog is going to be- like a child that grows up, it’ll become what it becomes– but I’m willing to put in the time and effort to get it going. Because I love it.

So I’ll be patient. And whatever you’re after, you can practice some patience, too.

What did you think?

So that’s that… I thought it went pretty well, didn’t you?

Or were you thinking this blog post was a total waste of time? Either or is totally fine.

But I really liked writing the post; it made me think about my day to day life, made me notice things I usually glide past.

I’m hoping to achieve more of that in the weeks to come… and I hope I can encourage you to do the same.

So whether you were totally feeling it or not feeling it at all, drop me a comment!

Looking forward to seeing you next week! Don’t forget to subscribe, and once again…

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

Shit I Did Last Week

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Thanks for reading!!!! Happy Living!!!

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