7 Tips for Staying Inspired Even When You’re So NOT Inspired

Low On Inspiration

When it comes to work, a lot of people tend to put on a brave face and trudge through.

This is because “work” has become completely synonymous with “labor”, “exertion”, and even “misery”.

(Very uninspiring. Not super accommodating to creativity.)

Isn’t that more than just a little sad? Holy Hell, we do spend the majority of our lives trying to make a living and make the life we want to live…what’s the point if it’s just destined to suck?

(I’ll have even more on that once I finish the book I’m reading, Zen and the Art of Making A Living: A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design, by Laurence Boldt.)

Well, even if you’re working a job you love, it can still suck the life out of you and leave you at a loss.

I’m a singer-songwriter and a blogger…do you think I can pull quality stuff out of my ass every time I sit down to do it?

Absolutely not.

I can’t work like that. It’s too nerve-wracking.

So naturally, I have a few things that I love to do when I’m feeling less than inspired.

Feel free to bum a few tips off my list.


Watch YouTube Videos


I love YouTube

It’s great for a multitude of things: tutorials, entertainment, marketing, networking (yeah, even that. Ever seen a collab?).

Naturally, I liked it when I first discovered it in 2005…matter of fact, I think that’s when it was launched, wasn’t it? Anyway, it was quirky and fascinating then…like Newgrounds, but all videos…

P.S., who remembers Newgrounds? Is that still a thing? I think it is, somewhere out there. But I’m rambling.

Like I said, quirky and fascinating, but now it’s on a TOTALLY new level. I mean, shit, you can even web log through videos…blogs become vlogs and vice versa.

THIS is probably where I get most of my inspiration; it gives me material to stay motivated and keep up with popular topics in my industry…

Which, because I’m a lifestyle, wellness, and vegan health/beauty blogger, also gives me little pearls of inspo for my life. I’ve learned about some of my favorite products and fitness practices on YouTube. I’d find them there and then do further research on my own.

There are just so many things you can find and do here. Much more than the “YouTube Poop” that rots your brain.

Scan Pinterest


Like YouTube, Pinterest gives you visuals to pique your interest.

You can find articles, DIY tutorials, videos, products, recipes…

…you name it, you can find something on it on Pinterest.

Plus, the pics are pretty :).

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Read Books


Karim Ghantous
I can pretty much chew right through a good book. I’m still getting back into it again, but when I was on vacation, I read through a ton of eBooks and books in my iBooks library.

And now that I’m home, I’m starting in on my county library again.

Self-help books, books on philosophy, fiction, non-fiction…I love it ALL. If I can read it, I probably want to. Give me the chance and I probably will.

Reading books is a fantastic way to wind down without totally anesthetizing your brain.

That’s my favorite part about it: you can clear your mind of stress without shutting yourself down. Which really allows for new ideas, new thoughts, new concepts to make an appearance in your life.

So I guess now I’ll have to actually finish the books I’ve been reading for the last year and compile a list of must-reads for you ;).

Drink A Tea Latte

Alison Marras

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best path to doing something.

My mind is at its best when I’m relaxed. Nothing is more relaxing to me than a nice hot cup of tea.

I drink all kinds of tea, but lately my favorites have been Irish Breakfast or Matcha. They’re the best for lattes with frothy milk.

So I make myself a tea latte, sit on my couch, open the blinds and watch the squirrels and birds go ham on my mom’s new bird feeders.

Do Yoga

Jen Loong

Again, great for clearing the mind of stress but keeping it present.

What I like about yoga is that in order to do it right, you have to find balance. Balance between the mind and body, balance between holding and letting go, balance between movement and stillness. It’s all about finding the sweet spot between multiple truths and states or being.

Most people I know tend to write it off as boring or too static, but I totally disagree. Yoga is super dynamic.

Great way to keep the blood flowing and the mind flowing.


Chris Ensey

You ever tried to just sit and breathe? Tried not to think while not trying not to think at the same time?

Seems really complicated, right? And yet, it’s so simple.

That’s meditation for you. The whole point is to try not to try. And it’s a great exercise (and wind-down) for the brain.

In fact, I’m gonna do it once I finish this post.

Sleep…A LOT

Notice a common theme here? My secret is “action through inaction”.

If you find that you’re always trying your best yet you feel like you always fall just short, maybe it’s time to take a damn nap.

So that’s what I do; I take a nap.

I usually try to keep it pretty short, between 15-30 minutes, but sometimes I need more. Especially if I’ve just finished something, like drafting a blog post or sending out emails.

I’ll have a little cup of tea (yes, caffeinated), have a “kip”, as my British fiance calls it, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get some more work done.

Trust me, it works. Try it next time you’re burning the candle at both ends.

Stay Inspired

It can be really hard to stay inspired, creative, and open in the workforce these days.

Hell, it can be hard to stay that way in life sometimes. It’s so much easier to just shut down and scarf down a TV dinner while the world goes on around you.

But we can’t do that. Otherwise, we might lose track of what’s really important.

What is that to you? And what do YOU do to stay inspired?

Drop me a comment below.

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Written by Ada


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