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5 Steps for Figuring Out Who You Are… and Number 5 Is Crucial.

Figuring out who you are

Matt Whitacre

Figuring out who you are can be an intimidating task.

Well, not so much a task- more like a journey.

And it’s hard to find out where the first step is.

The truth is you can start anywhere.

But that’s why it’s so intimidating.

So, I’m going to make a few suggestions based on my own experiences.

And I hope they help you, too <3.

5 Steps for Figuring Out Who You Are

figuring out who you are
Kyle Loftus

Be Honest About What Makes You Tick

Only you know what you like.

Sometimes the things we like aren’t impressive or conventional. But it doesn’t matter.

Be honest with yourself.

Helpful trick: time yourself for 2-5 minutes and make a list of things that make you happy.

Don’t give yourself time to think about it or you’ll edit yourself.

We’re not looking for that.

You’re looking for the bare essence of what makes you you. The only way to get there is by trusting the first instinct.

So, if it pops into your head- food, activities, chachkis- write them down.

It makes figuring out who you are much simpler.

Spend Quiet, Quality Time with Yourself

Getting to know yourself is just like getting to know someone else.

Meeting them in a crowd only scratches the surface. You need one-on-one time to learn what they’re really about.

Do the same thing for yourself.

But how do you do it? Start with guided meditation.

I’ve been using the Headspace app for nearly 2 years now. I can’t recommend it enough.

It keeps meditation basic. You can literally do any guided meditation once you know the Headspace practice.

Set Aside Time (& Money) to Do Things You Like

Money may not buy happiness, but it does help you live your best life.

It’s a tool for survival, and part of surviving is emotional fulfillment.

So, obviously, don’t count on money to make you happy. But it’s fine to set some aside for things that do.

For instance, a trip to your favorite restaurant; a spa day; buying that book you’ve been dying to read.

These are things that make you feel good, and a healthy life includes those, too.

If you take care of your emotions, you’ll be more open to receive your true self.

Join Communities/ Discussion Groups with People Who Like What You Do

Once you know yourself a little better, seek out people with similar interests.

You may be in a long-term relationship with yourself, but you don’t know everything.

People who share common interests may suggest things that haven’t occurred to you.

And you can do the same for them.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

If you take nothing else from this post, just know this: you’ll never stop finding yourself.

There is no definitive answer to the Who Am I? question.

It’s always changing.

Once you accept this, the rest of it will be a breeze.

Figure Out Who You Are- Starting Today <3

If you’re still struggling with your sense of self, I challenge you to take these 5 steps- starting right now. Today. 

And don’t forget to share this with your friends so they can get started, too.

And last, but not least…

Please comment & hit me up on social media to let me know how you did! If this post helped you even a little bit, I want to know.

Your journey starts here <3. 

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