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  • Speaking My Truth is Harder Than I Thought…

    Speaking my truth is harder than I thought. Not because I don’t want to tell the truth. I do. But when I think of “speaking my truth”, I start wondering how much (or how little) I should be sharing. Here are the questions I typically ask myself before I share anything: Is this TMI? Am […] More

  • 5 Steps for Figuring Out Who You Are… and Number 5 Is Crucial.

    Figuring out who you are can be an intimidating task. Well, not so much a task- more like a journey. And it’s hard to find out where the first step is. The truth is you can start anywhere. But that’s why it’s so intimidating. So, I’m going to make a few suggestions based on my […] More

  • Progress, Not Perfection

    Vegan Chick’s Blogtober Post 12  Hey, y’all. Missed another post yesterday. Still recovering from my burnout this weekend.     All I can think is, I can’t believe I did it again. It’s a vicious cycle for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.     Thankfully, I’ve seen my therapist and I’m starting to feel better. But since I couldn’t […] More

  • A Marathon Without a Break… (One-Way Ticket to Burnout)

    Vegan Chick’s Blogtober Post 10  Hey, guys…     So, I went incognito last night. I’m not giving up on Blogtober… promise. But I did drop off the face of the earth, and I wanted to explain why.     A Marathon Without a Break…   A One-Way Ticket to Burning Out    I was going strong… and then I crashed.  Don’t worry, I […] More

  • Any Tips on Email Copywriting?

    Vegan Chick’s Blogtober, Post 9…   …errrr… I’m FRIED.  Lol… today was my long day at work, y’all… and tbh, I tried to plan for this post, but I just don’t plan well.     Fellow creatives, please let me know if you do this, too.     I drafted an entire blog post this morning as soon as I sat down, but […] More

  • Stoicism & Fear Setting

    Welcome to Vegan Chick’s Blogtober, Post 6! So, I’m looking to start freelance writing to pay the bills while I’m building my own blog and social media. I’ve talked about it in past posts, but probably not as seriously I am now. I discovered Mike Shreeve’s No Pants Project a few months back, but only […] More

  • And I Simply Couldn’t Stop Watching Cat Videos…

    Oh, yeah… this is happening. Hey, y’all. Welcome to the 5th post in Vegan Chick’s Blogtober! I have absolutely nothing helpful to say today, because I couldn’t stop watching cat videos… I know, crazy, right? A few days ago I was writing a post about procrastinating. And now I’m writing about a cat named Tigger […] More

  • Welcome to Day Two of Vegan Chick’s Blogtober!  Good Lord… I think I could write a book on this topic.     But of course, I’d never get to it…     So, like most internet creatives, I figured I’d use my considerable skills to exploit the shit out of my imperfections 🙂.    #ImRelatable  #RelateToMePlease    So, let’s talk about…   Procraaastinaaatioooon 🙂   The Real Reason Why Procrastinators Procrastinate…  When you think […] More

  • Don’t Give Up Hope! I Won’t. Here’s Why…

    Hey, y’all!   Welcome to Day One of My Blogtober!   Because I’m a free spirit and can’t be bound by your foolish rules >:-)… … just kidding. To be frank… I really, really SUCK at sticking with holiday themes…    … and I’m a procrastinator… with the attention span of a gnat.   So, today, instead […] More

  • The Last Installment of My SIDLW Series (For Now)

    Lemme level with ya… this one drained me emotionally.    I am so tired you can’t possibly know…       But it’s good. I got it all out, which I needed to do.    And I’ll warn ya, I do not hold back in this post.    I know I say that all the time, but I really mean it now. This is dense.    […] More

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