Hey, y’all. I’m Ada Raven.

Ada Raven blogger

Or you can call me “The Raven”.

Not an Edgar Allan Poe reference. I actually wrote my own theme song called The Raven…

(Insert shameless promo of my EP. Go apeshit.)

Sometimes I look like this…

ada raven
ada raven
ada raven

But more often than not, I look like this

ada raven

ada raven

ada raven

Yes… yes, I that is a retainer in my mouth in that last pic.

Hmmm… what should you know about me?

Well, I’m a singer-songwriter… think you guessed that by the EP. I’m also a trained operatic soprano, 10 years and counting, which I think is pretty dope (GOD, I love singing).

Oh, yeah, and I’m an ambivert… that’s a word, right? 

Yep, I just looked it up and it totally is:

Ambivert: a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.

So basically what that means is that I love people and have decent social skills, but I also love binge-eating and watching YouTube all day. I’d say I’m the perfect woman, wouldn’t you?

Just kidding.

I initially started this blog as a health & wellness site for newbie vegans (if you didn’t gather it from the site name, I am a vegan… just not a crazy one. See post on why here.), but ultimately decided I’m just too damn scatterbrained, weird, and opinionated to stick with it.

 I have so many things that I write and think about on a daily basis…

Some of them are worth sharing and some of them probably aren’t. But I’ve decided to sit back and let you be the judge of that.

So sit tight, strap in, and get ready to go on this wild ride I’m OFFICIALLY calling “My Life” with me.

Thanks so much for reading <3.


-Ada Raven

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