What’s the “Cinch” With Waist Training?

When I first heard of waist training, I’ll admit I was totally opposed to it. I’d been a dancer when I was younger and my teacher told me about the horror stories of wearing girdles all the time. She said […]

Pacifica Beauty Brand & Product Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me share about a bunch of Pacifica Beauty products…over time as well as recently. I also talk about them in other blog posts, along with other products. <<<<Vegan Hair Care […]

15 Yoga Poses To Do For Sore Muscles

So…this post is coming to you a little late… I’ve been pretty sick the last few days; caught some kind of chest cold and was coughing and sore all Thursday and Friday. BUT that’s why I decided that this needed […]

These 2 Smoothie Combos Will Rock Your World

So recently, I’ve been getting back into my morning smoothies. I think as the weather starts to heat up- sort of…I mean, it’s Maryland- I’m starting to crave more and more raw foods. Since I’ve been exploring the wonderful world […]

4 Websites Every New Vegan NEEDS To Check Out

I don’t really read blogs that often… There…I said it. I have a few good blogs that I follow for various topics, but I’m really not good about keeping up with them. Like, at all. But of course, these days, […]