Hey, guys! Welcome to my blog!

And if you actually read my sometimes-stream-of-consciousness journal entries, I sincerely appreciate you… 

… cuz that shit be crazy sometimes… even for me.

Here is where I’ll post all of my writings, usually in one big blog post each week on a Wednesday.

My mission?

To let other women, girls, and people like me know that they’re not alone in life.

And I know, I know… that’s a TOTAL cliché. But trust me, when I say I’m going to share everything, I mean I’m going to share EVERYTHING. Not the gross stuff or anything too graphic… just the way I get through my life with all the little things that make me me.

And maybe to show you that you don’t have to have it all figured out to make something great. Hell, half the famous people in the world were total wrecks behind the scenes. But maybe you and I can make something of ourselves and get our fucked-up-ness fixed at the same time.

Here’s to life… no one makes it out alive, but that’s what makes it worth living <3 😉 .

Much Love,


Ada Raven,

That Singin’ Vegan Chick

singin' vegan chick ada raven signature

Latest stories

  • Coming To Terms With Who I Really Am

    Hey, guys. I just want to say thank you to anyone who follows my blog, and I’m sorry that this post is coming to you late. I share a lot of things about myself in this post; things that I’ve never told anyone, but it almost feels necessary in order to come to terms with […] More

  • Self Love: What It Really Means

    *PLEASE NOTE: This post and other posts on my site may contain affiliate links. All this means is that I get a small compensation if you purchase from one of the links in my post… at NO extra cost to you! For details, please view my privacy & disclosure policies. Related Posts: Finding My Passion […] More

  • Speaking My Truth is Harder Than I Thought…

    Speaking my truth is harder than I thought. Not because I don’t want to tell the truth. I do. But when I think of “speaking my truth”, I start wondering how much (or how little) I should be sharing. Here are the questions I typically ask myself before I share anything: Is this TMI? Am […] More

  • My Updated Morning Routine in 8 Steps

    I started a new job at the end of January! Gosh, I felt like I had been searching forever, but I finally found one, and it feels like it’s going to be a great fit. It’s what I call a “big girl” job- 8:30-5:00 with an hour for lunch, and a yearly salary with benefits. […] More

  • 5 Steps for Figuring Out Who You Are… and Number 5 Is Crucial.

    Figuring out who you are can be an intimidating task. Well, not so much a task- more like a journey. And it’s hard to find out where the first step is. The truth is you can start anywhere. But that’s why it’s so intimidating. So, I’m going to make a few suggestions based on my […] More

  • The 4 Reasons Why I Stopped Blogging

    I stopped blogging a couple months ago. Though there are several reasons why, I’m going to stick with 4. But before we start, I just want to say thank you to those of you who have supported me on social media. I’ve done my best to stay active there, even if I couldn’t quite commit […] More

  • Progress, Not Perfection

    Vegan Chick’s Blogtober Post 12  Hey, y’all. Missed another post yesterday. Still recovering from my burnout this weekend.     All I can think is, I can’t believe I did it again. It’s a vicious cycle for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.     Thankfully, I’ve seen my therapist and I’m starting to feel better. But since I couldn’t […] More

  • My Mom Bribed Me With a Space Heater

    Vegan Chick’s Blogtober Post 11 Don’t you just hate it when your mom wins??? God, I thought when you became an adult, that shit was supposed to end or something. Apparently not. Well, here you go. This is about as exciting as my night got. I guess you could call this my sad idea of […] More

  • A Marathon Without a Break… (One-Way Ticket to Burnout)

    Vegan Chick’s Blogtober Post 10  Hey, guys…     So, I went incognito last night. I’m not giving up on Blogtober… promise. But I did drop off the face of the earth, and I wanted to explain why.     A Marathon Without a Break…   A One-Way Ticket to Burning Out    I was going strong… and then I crashed.  Don’t worry, I […] More

  • Any Tips on Email Copywriting?

    Vegan Chick’s Blogtober, Post 9…   …errrr… I’m FRIED.  Lol… today was my long day at work, y’all… and tbh, I tried to plan for this post, but I just don’t plan well.     Fellow creatives, please let me know if you do this, too.     I drafted an entire blog post this morning as soon as I sat down, but […] More

  • My Fall Must-Haves for 2018

    Vegan Chick’s Blogtober, Post 8!  Hey, y’all!    Wow… here we are on post 8.    Honestly, I’m proud of myself… I was afraid I might piss out after 3 or 4.    But I’m still going strong and loving it! Hope you are, too 🙂.    Normally I’m not a what’s-in-my-bag, haul kind of girl, but there are products I like to stock up on […] More

  • 7 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2018 (So Far)

      Vegan Chick’s Blogtober, Post 7! Hey, y’all!    This topic comes from a pin originally uploaded by Courtney over at Petit Athleat. Go show her blog some love when you get the chance!    Anyway, it seemed PERFECT for the 7th Blogtober post!    Lucky 7s,  amirite?    Plus, I promised you a little something special for Wednesdays, so I hope you find this post inspiring.   […] More

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